Exploring the mountainous area of Pogradec and Korca region

Lake Ohrid region is one of the most beautiful, yet unexplored areas in Albania.

Apart from the Lake, there is a very beautiful mountainous area around it which offers a spectacular nature. It is ideal for sports such as climbing and hiking and other adventure tourism activities   
A group of young and passionate boys and girls are exploring every day the unknown part of Pogradec and Korca Region through tours organized by Visit Pogradec, a local tour agency.

As bike tours around Lake Ohrid, are  becoming more popular, there are lots of opportunities for hiking in paths where no one dared to go before.

Some weeks ago, Visit Pogradec organized a climbing tour to the highest peaks of the Korca region.

One of them was the tour to Valamara, a mountain peak in District of Korca, which reaches a heigh 2373 m. To reach the top of the mountain the group of hikers did 47 km.

The view was fantastic, and the nature amazing. Near the main ridge of Valamara there are very few trees while Valamara's lower slopes are forested. To the south there are many glacial lakes which could make very good nature attractions.

Guri i Capit 

Another high peak they climbed some days ago was Guri i Capit. Guri i Capit is a peak and is located in Korçë, Albania.

The ares is 1585 metres above sea level. The view of this stone mountain is just amazing.

It is situated in the Drenova region and has a very interesting shape. Some people says it looks like a Camel which is siting in the desert to relax after a long journey. it took a name after a goat, (in Albanian Cjap), which fall from this mountain.

these group of pioneers are discovering new places, inviting many people who love adventure tours to join them. 

Pogradec and Korca region has many things to offer for visitors, in terms of culture and nature.

For more: https://www.facebook.com/visitpogradec/