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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Women of Tushemisht

Tushemisht-Center "The lady from the city' sculpture
Once it was "The lady from the city", now it is "The Women of Tushemisht" with their hospitality in the guest houses that make you feel home.

Drilon spring,near Tushemisht Village
Tushemisht is a small village near Pogradec in Albania. It is located on the shores of Lake Ohrid near the border between Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The village became famous in Albania following release of the film comedy The Lady from the City in which one of Albania’s most beloved actresses, Violeta Manushi, was cast in the role of Teto Ollga.

The story focused on the relationship between the village and an old lady from the city who moved to the village to stay with her beautiful daughter. In the time of the communist regime, young graduates were sent to the villages to work, gain experience and contribute in their field. The daughter, Meli, was a nurse. Teto Ollga held an attitude of superiority towards the villagers, but in the end she found herself well and worked as a chef, contributing to the community. 

As well as being a funny story, the film features great panoramas of the village, the numerous canals, the lake; Drilon springs and the high mountains.
 Tushemisht has a long tradition of hosting guests in homes. Families from all over Albania, have long come here for the summer holidays, being hosted by the hospitable people of the village. 

The people are very friendly, calm and have a genuine smile. The clean and cosy houses are typically run by women the small gardens are beautiful. Canals criss-cross the village and the gardens are filled with a variety of organically grown vegetables and fruit. Guests to the village experience many culinary treats.

A number of project meetings were organised in the Tushemisht area. A workshop on promoting nature, culture the Lake Ohrid region took place in Tushemisht on 10 and 11 May 2016 and some workshop participants stayed in guest houses. 
The hosts provided doughnuts, homemade jams, butter and cheeses for breakfast.
The owner of a guest house in Tushemisht 
Language barriers presented no difficulties as they were overcome with smiles and warm hospitality.

The traditional restaurant "Lokali Zonja nga Qyteti" in the centre of Tushemisht is also owned by a woman and is a real hit with locals and visitors alike.
 One can enjoy Half a dozen lakror, a traditional pie made with layers of pastry, herbs and vegetables, along with meatballs and pickles as side dishes. Local drinks include wine and raki, with one special green variety coloured by apple leaves that provide a unique flavour. Three ladies, including the owner, rolled up their sleeves to prepare the lakror for the dinner of the workshop participants. The lakror was greatly appreciated by locals and internationals.
Inside the restaurant, old radios and objects, rustic view 

Guests felt instantly at home at this little village, thanks to the warmth and hospitality of these women of Tushemisht.


A perfect mix of warm hospitality and total privacy for guests. Immaculately clean. In such a quiet timeless village centre you could only hear the spring water flowing in the canals through the streets at night. The best breakfast I have eaten in years – simple but truly excellent local produce
Jane Thompson, ICCROM

Staying with a family changed a trip into a real experience. As well as seeing beautiful places, I was able to meet people and enjoy their warm hospitality. So much better than a cold, anonymous hotel! Sarah Court, ICCROM