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Monday, October 24, 2016

"My City" photo competition in Pogradec, Lake Ohrid region

"My City" is the tittle of the Latest Photo Competition organized in Pogradec, Lake Ohrid Region.
The activity was an initiative of "Dare to Act"and RIAS local organization, which was financed by the OlofPalme Center and Swedish funds.

This project aimed to promote the youth's talent in photography. It was also an activity to raise awareness of citizens, especially among young people for protecting the environment, as well as developing ideas about tourism perspective of the city.
This competition was focused not only in beautiful photos of the city and panorama, but also photos from daily life, where people live, the real face of urban and rural life of Pogradec area.Nevertheless, the Lake and the life around it dominated the competition. Young people believe that the lake is the spirit of this city, but also the most important source of living.

This competition has three winners:

The first place: Klaudio Spirollari
The second Place: redon Hamolli
Third Place: Ildi Balliu
The members of Jury's competitions were well known photographers and painters. Representatives from Municipality as well as from other organizations working in Pogradec participated in this ceremony. 

Enjoy some of the photos of this competition:

Monday, September 19, 2016

Innovative Tourism Product Development Competition -Korca and Lake Ohrid Region

The Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship (METTE), Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) and the Albanian Tourism Industry, with the support of RisiAlbania Project are launching the third edition of the “Risi Turistike Award”, this time in the Korça region in order to foster the development on new touristic products. Korca is the Municipality which include the city of Pogradec, situated on the shore of Lake Ohrid, the oldest and deepest lake in Europe.
The innovative tourism products will help to create new products and itineraries and or add value to the existing ones, by providing a richer and authentic experience for the tourists in both regions.
Risi Albania is a SDC project aiming to facilitate youth employment.
“Risi Turistike” is inviting all interested companies/ organizations to submit a proposal and business plan to develop and implement a new touristic product in the region of Korça. Deadline for submission of the proposals is November 10th 2016.
The results of the competition will be announced during the public event on December 9th 2016.

The aim of the Tourism Product Development competition:
- Attract more tourists in the Korça region, through diversification of the tourism product
- Extend the time of stay in the Korça region
- Increase the income from tourism in Korça region
- Increase employment opportunities for youth in Korça region.
Find more:

Monday, May 16, 2016

Awarding Ceremony on #OurLakeOhrid Social Media Competition

A small awarding ceremony was organized at the Palace of Culture, in Pogradec on 10 May 2016, to announce 10 winners of #OurLakeOhrid Social Media Photo Competition.

Ten winners are: Adnan Beci; Teodora Krasimirova Koleva; Betim Berisha; Elena Nikolovska; Ardian Fezollari; Slavica Panova; Marijana Pipe Pipileva; Stefanija Vidovski; Nikola Naumoski; Marko Blazevski

The social media competition had a wide coverage with participants mainly from Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and other countries, people who visited Lake Ohrid and shared their memories, stories emotions. Three of winners made their journey to attend the ceremony in Pogradec. Organizers used this opportunity to share the news, and the location of Palace of Culture at the heart of the city of Pogradec was chosen to give more visibility to the project.

The Photo &Story Contest on Lake Ohrid, was launched on Instagram and on Facebook page and lasted from 7 March to 7 April 2016. The aim of this photo contest was to raise awareness about the values and importance of trans-boundary Lake Ohrid among people from both sides of the Lake.

The social media competition was organized in the framework of the Project: "Towards strengthened governance of the shared trans-boundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region", which is supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania.

UNESCO Project Officer of this project Mrs Alexandra Fiebig thanked all participants in this Social Media Competition and congratulated the winners on behalf of UNESCO.

Winners were given certificates and gift bags branded with Lake Ohrid Region (LOR) project logo. (each bag containing: a LOR coat, a LOR thermos cup, a LOR 8GB USB key, a LOR notebook and a pen).

Check top 10 photos here

"I am not here to talk as photographer, but as a citizen. We didn't run for the prize, but this is a chance to contribute somehow to our Lake Ohrid. We owe it to our Lake"-said one of the winners based on Pogradec, Mr Fezollari.

More than 450 photos were posted on Instagram and Facebook through this competition, and at the first stage there were 50 best photos voted from UNESCO and its advisory bodies, ICOMOS, IUCN, and ICCROM. At the final stage Albanian Government institutions as well we EU and other partners expressed their votes. The good number of submission showed a high interest from local communities, but also from tourists toward the values and beauties of Lake Ohrid.
Another competition will run at a later stage, and the panel of voters will include the top ten winners of this competition.

The #OurLakeOhrid social media competition was organized by UNESCO in cooperation with PR company in Tirana, Manderina Promotions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Promoting nature, culture and World Heritage in the Lake Ohrid region

Lake Ohrid Pogradec, Albania
The training course “Promoting nature, culture and World Heritage in the Lake Ohrid region” in the framework of the project “Towards strengthened governance of the shared transboundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region” takes place in Pogradec and Tushemisht, Albania, on 10 and 11 May 2016.

The training course aims to provide participants with the necessary tools and approaches available for the promotion and interpretation of assets of collective importance to humankind, whilst increasing appreciation of shared heritage values among existing and new audiences in a way that enhances the achievement of the shared management objectives for the heritage place. The training will also contribute indirectly to progress in the management planning process in view of the proposed Albanian extension to the World Heritage property “Natural and cultural heritage of the Ohrid region” (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) with ideas that will address the need to build unique narratives around a common identity for this potential mixed (nature/culture) transboundary World Heritage property. In accordance with the 2011 World Heritage Capacity Building Strategy, the training strives to achieve broader capacity building of heritage practitioners, institutions, organizations, communities and networks for heritage management and conservation in the Lake Ohrid region through people-centred changes.

The training will offer conceptual background, case studies and group exercises dedicated to the entire Lake Ohrid region and participants will be able to gain good understanding of the role of cultural and natural heritage in sustainable development, sustainable tourism, audience development, data gathering and strategic planning. It will have a focus on the particular demands of a mixed (natural and cultural) transboundary site.

This training course takes place as part of the project “Towards strengthened governance of the shared transboundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region”, funded by European Union and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania).

More information about the Lake Ohrid region project can be found at: 

10 Winners of #OurLakeOhrid Social Media Contest announced

10 Winners of #OurLakeOhrid Social Media Contest announced. 
The Photo Contest was organized in the framework of the Project:Towards strengthened governance of the shared transboundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region, founded by European Union and Albanian Government and is implementing by UNESCO. The aim of this project is to improve transboundary cooperation and management effectiveness for the protection of the natural and cultural heritage in the Lake Ohrid region.
#OurLakeOhrid Photo & Story Contest around the Lake Ohrid region and its heritage takes place on Instagram  and the Lake Ohrid Heritage Facebook page was open from 7 March to 7 April 2016. About 450 photos were posted on Facebook and Instagram. A jury from EU, UNESCO, IUCN, ICOMOS, selected 10 winning photos based on the terms and condition published in the page dedicated to this Photo Contest.

We are pleased to announce the top 10 Winners of #OurLakeOhrid photo Contest. Here are the 10 winning photos:

Silhouette by Adnan Beci (Instagram)
The village of Radozda, photo by Elena Nikolovska @redredvine
My Best Souvenir by Teodora Krasimirova Koleva

Sv stefan Ohrid by @MarijanaPipePipileva

Spring fairytale by Stefanija Vidovski  @svidovski

Autumn Drilon by Ardian Fezollari @ardianfezollari

Radozda Struga overlooking Lin, Albania a photo by Slavica Panova @slavicapanova

Sunrise Lake Ohrid by Betim Berisha @betimberisha

Snake in the Lake. photo by Marko Blazevski @blazevskimarko

Sunset by Nikola Naumoski @nikolanajk1
The 10 winning photos are posted with following accounts:
Adnan Beci (Instagram); My Best Souvenir (Instagram) Betim Berisha (Instagram) Ardian Fezollari (Instagram); @redredvine (Instagram); Slavica Panova (Facebook); Marijana Pipe Pipileva (Facebook); @Svidoski (Instagram); @nikolanajk1 (Instagram) ; @blazevskimarko (Instagram)

For the winners Unesco will provide a Certificate and also a Lake Ohrid region (LOR) gift bag (content of the bag: a LOR coat, a LOR thermos cup, a LOR 8GB USB key, a LOR notebook and a pen). Congratulation to the winners and to all contributors. It was a great help to promote together our transboundary Lake Ohrid.

Monday, April 18, 2016

World heritage Day- Raising awareness on Lake Ohrid

18 April is World Heritage Day. This is a special day to raise public's awareness about the importance and values of Cultural and Natural Heritages and the efforts required to protect and conserve it. Lake Ohrid region is one of the few mixed Cultural and natural properties included in World Heritage List, protected by UNESCO since 1978. Now Albania is preparing the file to inscribe the 1/3 of the Lake Ohrid into this World Heritage property.

A lot of work need to be done by local government and community itself to protect this area.

The project Towards Strengthened Governance of the Shared Transboundary Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Lake Ohrid region, is contributing in this direction, to raise awareness of Albanian Government and community to protect Lake Ohrid Region.

In the framework of this project a photo competition on Lake Ohrid run by UNESCO and its local partners during April aiming to promote the values of this region. More than 450 photos were submitted in Facebook and Instagram through dedicated social media channels managed by an Albanian PR company contracted by UNESCO, which showed a good enthusiasm of people to share their interest, concerns, or good memories from this beautiful area. This social media competition showed that many people are willing to conserve and protect this amazing natural and cultural heritage.
This is just one of many activities foreseen in the project to raise public awareness about Universal Outstanding Values of Our lake Ohrid.

Monday, March 7, 2016

#OurLakeOhrid Photo & Story Contest

We are pleased to announce the launch of an Instagram and Facebook competition around the Lake Ohrid region and its heritage.

How to participate:

Share a special moment/person/quote/story/photograph from the Lake Ohrid region (Albanian and Macedonian sides) on Instagram on or on the Lake Ohrid Heritage Facebook page using the tag #OurLakeOhrid, along with a brief description. It could be a person, place, scenery, object or a cultural practice or tradition – it's up to you!

The top 5 entries will receive a free Lake Ohrid region (LOR) gift bag (content of the bag: a LOR coat, a LOR thermos cup, a LOR 8GB USB key, a LOR notebook and a pen), and the top 10 will be showcased on the project’s webpage on the World Heritage Centre website as well as associated blogs and social media pages.

What we are looking for:

What will be taken into consideration by the jury is:

- Creativity: we are looking forward to reading imaginative and passionate stories!

- Content: we wish to know why you care about the Lake Ohrid region.

- Composition: the aesthetics and composition of the photograph.

Click here for more informatio:

Entries close 7 April 2016.
Best of luck to all participants!