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Questionnaire on Lake Ohrid

What comes to one’s mind when Lake Ohrid is mention? Koran fish, lakeside, boats, swimming, nature? Maybe all of that! A trial questionnaire was implemented in the Albanian part of Lake Ohrid Region (LOR) in the framework of the project, in order  to gain an understanding of people’s views on the region. The questionnaire, designed by ICCROM, an advisory body to UNESCO, gathered a preliminary set of data through interviewing people living and working in, or visiting, the area.  The journalist talking to a local in Hudenisht It was implemented by an Albanian journalist, Mr Genci Angjellari, contracted by IUCN, for an intense five-day campaign. Some 116 people—78 locals and 38 visitors—were interviewed in various locations along the Albanian side of Lake Ohrid including the city of Pogradec and the villages of Lin, Tushemisht, Hudenisht, Verdove, Starove and Drilon. The questionnaire began by asking questions on the values and attributes of LOR today, gaining an understand

Activities on Lake Ohrid Day (21 June)

21st June is Lake Ohrid Day. This decision was taken 16 years ago on February 2000 by the Joint Lake Ohrid Management Board. This is a day when all the communities living on the shores of Lake Ohrid Region should just remind the outstanding values of Lake Ohrid. They should teach to their children to love and protect this natural treasure. On this occasion, every year three municipalities around Lake Ohrid, (Ohrid, Pogradec and Struga) organize many festive activities.  This year the day was celebrated in Ohrid City, where a number of cultural and sportive activities  were organized by the Ohrid Municipality. Part of these activities, was the  opening of an exhibition with children's paintings inspired by Lake Ohrid. At the end of this activity, in symbolic way, the Mayor of Ohrid Mr Nikola Bakracheski and the Mayor of Pogradec Mr Eduart Kapri signed a document expressing the commitment of their municipalities to save and protect the world's unique ecosystem of Lake Ohrid. T

Final Management Planning Workshop for the Lake Ohrid region

View from Lin peninsula, Albania (UNESCO) The Fifth Management Planning Workshop, in the framework of the project “Towards strengthened governance of the shared transboundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region” will take place in Ud├źnisht, Pogradec area, Albania, on 22 and 23 June 2016. The workshop will focus on governance systems and more specifically on the identification of mechanisms for the involvement and the coordination of various activities between different partners and stakeholders. Additionally the workshop aims to identify priority themes, targets and actions concerning sustainable development options in the Lake Ohrid region in Albania. Last of a series of five, this Fifth Management Planning Workshop will be the opportunity to review the outcomes of the Fourth Management Planning Workshop (12-13 May 2016, Tushemisht) along with the conclusions of the Third meeting of the Technical Working Group (19 May 2016, Tirana). These Management Planning Wor

The 56th Ohrid Summer Festival (12 July -20 August)

The Ohrid Summer Festival is the biggest cultural event in FYR of Macedonia. The 56th Ohrid Summer Festival this year opens in July 12 with a Gala Concert and it will last until 20 August 2016. The festival will offer classical and opera concerts, theatre and dance staged at venues all over the city. The new Director of this Festival, Oliver Arsovski, once a musician himself who performed in this festival before, considered the Ohrid Summer Festival as one of the most prestigious cultural events not only in Ohrid and Macedonia, but also elsewhere in the region and beyond.    "For years the Ohrid Summer Festival, has established top artistic standards. In addition to the traditional festival program, more attention will be paid this year to its off­-program, including jazz weekends, ballet performances, concerts by famous musicians, etc." said Oliver Arsovski, the Director of Festival.  These events would be organized when Ohrid is going to be packed with tourists

Ohrid Lake featured in well-known Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera

Ohrid Lake divides Albania from Macedonia; it's just smaller than Garda lake, Italy... It is a lake of 4 million years age, an area slightly smaller than Garda Lake (Italy) with a unique ecosystem in Europe, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also a pond where you overlook the historical and political rivals of the past - Albania and Macedonia - as it is now considered by both a treasure to be preserved. This is the Lake Ohrid, located on the border between the two Balkan states. The Lake Ohrid is about four hours drive from Tirana, a great refuge from the hot summer since the average temperature here does not exceed 27 degrees. Since ancient times, the region is known to be a place for holidays and relaxation rather than a strategic position to advance in the wars or dominate others. Read the full article here (in Italian):

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