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What to see in Ohrid city?

Ohrid city has become a very popular destination for European travelers within the last few years due to its position on the lake, medieval castle situated on top of the city, rich history, and magnificent views. Of course, anyone visiting Ohrid will first notice the beautiful lake it is positioned on. Lake Ohrid is on the UNESCO list both as a cultural and natural heritage site since the 1980s. It is known that the lake has continuously existed for two to three million years. The lake is found in two countries, Macedonia and Albania, while the city Ohrid is the largest city positioned on the lake. An estimate of 40 natural water sources (rivers and streams) flow into Lake Ohrid (17 from Macedonia, and 23 from Albania). The largest water sources come from the National Park Galichica and Lake Prespa. The lake, also, has over 100 beaches. The large quantity of body of water serves as a natural climate adjuster. During the summertime, the lake cools the air, and in the winter, it gives

Planting trees around Lake Ohrid Region

 Some amazing views, videos and photos came this week featuring our beautiful lake Ohrid Region. This time is Ecovolis, a group with young people who work on a program to contribute for a greener environment in Albania traveled in Lin Peninsula to plant new trees and to promote the region They brought us the view of the region, which is still covered in snow. Ecovolis planted some trees around the lake, in order to raise awareness and to sensitize all the people living in the area, to protect their environment and their precious region, which was inhabited since the ancient time. Also it was a kind of promotion to the beauties of the whole Lake Ohrid region, and it's  historical sites nearby, such as Illyrian Tombs of Selca. It is very impressive when young people are trying to promote the values of the historical places..  See a short video and some photos from Ecovolis:

Tushemisht and Lin, among '100 villages program' of Albanian government

Lin Village Tushemisht and Lin, are two beautiful villages situated on Lake Ohrid region, Albanian Side. Lately these two villages are part of new program adopted by the Albanian Government to enhance the economic development of the 100 cities with touristic potential. The program “100 villages” whose selection has already been made, envisions government intervention in infrastructure and services, but also funding through grants. Lin Village “These villages have an attractive effect and high potential in tourism, thus in tourism development, socio-economic development, they have rich natural and environmental resources, cultural heritage, and traditional products.. So we will work hard in these three years with these villages.  We will support the project package for each village, including infrastructure intervention, economic support through ministry grants, and training and support for the local community,” said advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Enea Hoti fo

Albania submitted the Lake Ohrid Nomination Dossier to UNESCO

Albania submitted on 1st of February the nomination file to World Heritage Center in Paris, to extend the existing World Heritage property "Natural and Cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid" with Albanian side of the like. The submission of the Nomination Dossier was signed by two Albanian Ministers, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mr Blendi Klosi, and the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro. Both Ministries worked together through a group of experts to prepare this dossier, in which are introduced and analyzed all the outstanding universal values of Lake Ohrid, as a mix property, for its cultural and natural heritage. The nomination process was assisted by the project: Towards strengthened governance of the shared trans-boundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region, founded by EU and Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, implemented by UNESCO with help of its advisory bodies. The nomination extension file includes sections on the iden

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