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Smarter Travel: Visit Macedonia before it gets too popular or expensive

Leave the massive crowds of tourists behind in France or Italy, and make your next trip to one of the least-visited European countries.This is what the well known media company "Smarter Travel" recommend to its readers, listing 10 least-visited European countries, among them Macedonia and lake Ohrid. Here is what article said: "Macedonia declared its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, and is now on the verge of joining the E.U., so visit now before it gets too popular or expensive. The current exchange rate of 52 Macedonia denar to 1 U.S. dollar means that you can score a luxury hotel room for less than $50 a night, and a three-course dinner for under $20. The Balkan country’s capital, Skopje, underwent a massive government project in 2014 aimed at rejuvenating the city and drawing in more tourists—so now you’ll find a bizarre number of brand-new monuments and statues scattered amongst more historic structures. Although a landlocked country, Macedonia h

Kumbaro: Krenarë për dosjen e Liqenit të Ohrit; kemi ndalur ndërtimet në zonën e mbrojtur

Jemi krenarë dhe optimistë për Dosjen e Nominimit të Liqenit të Ohrit, të cilën  pala shqiptare e dorëzoi në Unesco pak muaj më parë. Kështu u shpreh Ministrja e Kulturës, Mirela Kumbaro gjatë një konference për shtyp për mediat lokale në Pogradec. Ende nuk ka një përgjigje për këtë kërkesë të Shqipërisë, por ministrja e kulturës thekson se po punohet shumë që edhe liqeni në anën shqiptare të bëhet pjesë e trashëgimisë botërore. "Ndihem krenare sepse kemi paraqitur një dosje dinjitoze dhe shpresojmë se ne 2019 do te marrim OK për pranimin e Liqenit te Pogradecit ne UNESCO. Përfshirja jone ne UNESCO ka benefitet e veta ashtu siç do afroje edhe investitorë nga jashtë." Ministrja e kulturës argumentoi edhe mosdhënien e lejeve të ndërtimit përgjatë liqenit me përpjekjet për ta përfshirë atë ne UNESCO. Për këtë arsye edhe nuk kemi lejuar me dhënien e lejeve te ndërtimit përgjatë vijës liqenore dhe nuk do te lejojmë edhe ndërtimin e objekteve te reja. Kjo do te ndodhe për a

EU delegation visited Lake Ohrid region

EU Ambassador in Albania, Mrs Romana Vlahutin, Minister of Culture Mrs Mirela Kumbaro and Slovenian Ambassador to Tirana Lea Stančič visited last Friday Pogradec and Lake Ohrid Region, on the framework of Europe Week 2018.  EU delegation was on a journey through Albania’s Cultural and Natural Wonders and stopped in the municipality of Pogradec for a visit dedicated Albania’s touristic potential.  Following a tour on Lake Ohrid, the EU Delegation organised a discussion with Pogradec citizens on the management of the region as a touristic destination. The discussion touched upon the cross border management of the area, the development of sustainable water sports and Albania’s bid for UNESCO designation of its part of the lake (supported by EU funding). The delegation also visited the royal Illyrian tombs of Selcë e Poshtme. In this place of serene beauty and great importance for European history, they discussed how such little-known sites should be better promoted as a r

Best places to visit around Pogradec, Lake Ohrid region

Pogradec is not just the city and the beautiful shore of Lake Ohrid. There are much more to see and do. See some of the best places to visit here:  Lin Village     The lakeside village of LIN is a charming opportunity to see Lake Ohrid life from a traditional perspective. Winding streets lined with old style stone, wooden and brick houses lead to the site of an ancient basilica with 8 colorful mosaics showing fish, water birds and bees, dating from the 5th Century. The Byzantine church ruins, under World Heritage protection, have a modern cover constructed to keep the treasures from further deterioration while awaiting further exploration. The Lake Ohrid and mountain vistas from the top of the hill are outstanding!  Selca Tombs Five ancient tombs and monuments dating from the 4 th Century B.C. are found in Selca, site of the ancient settlement of Pelion (where Illyrian King Klit dwelled). Other remains date from the Bronze Age through the middle VI th Century A.D. inclu

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