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Udhëzues për arkitekturën e ndërtimeve në Pogradec me qëllim ruajtjen e trashëgimisë së Rajonit të Liqenit të Ohrit

Që nga vjeshta e shkuar, një ekip arkitektësh shqiparë dhe ekspertë të drejtuar nga arkitekti i konservimit Kliti Kalamata, i asistuar nga arkitektja Amanda Cici dhe stafi i tyre i mobilizuar enkas nga Ministria e Kulturës, po përgatisin përmbajtjen e asaj që do të bëhet publikim reference për arkitekturën tradicionale në rajonin e Liqenit të Ohrit. Në fakt ky manual ka synim të bëhet një mjet i çmuar reference për të gjithë ata që janë të interesuar dhe përgjegjës për ruajtjen e trashëgimisë së ndërtimit në rajonin e Pogradecit, si psh: arkitektët lokale, inxhinierët dhe artizanët. Mund të quhet si “kushtetutta e mjeteve të dijes” për teknikat e ndërtimit, që kanë synim t’u ofrojnë personave të interesuar saktësime teknike të ndërtimit si dhe të sherbejë si një dokument i vlefshëm për komunitetin profesional në mënyrë që të promovojë: - Përdorimin e specifikimeve dhe metodave të përshtatshme për riparimet dhe restaurimet - Metodat e pranuara profesionale të rehab

Greening the Tourism Industry in Pogradec/ Gjelbërimi i industrisë së turizmit në Pogradec

The activity Waste Management Awareness Campaign as part of the Lake Ohrid region project identified tourism businesses in Lake Ohrid Region as one of the main target groups to reach out to. Tourism services, such as accommodation providers, bars and restaurants, have a key role to play in managing community waste, but also in communicating with the visitors to the area. With this in mind, two workshops were held as a means of introducing the issue of waste management and the promotion of successful practices from around the globe for tourism businesses in Pogradec. In a joint effort organised by the project partners and Pogradec Municipality a first workshop took place on 30 June, gathering hotel, bar and restaurant owners from the area around the lake. The workshop was prepared by Ms Deirdre Shurland, international expert on sustainable tourism, and Ms Matilda Andoni, Co-director of the Albanian Tourism Association. During the day, the participants were introduced to the issues an

Marking of Trails in Lake Ohrid Region/ Shenjimi i shtigjeve në rajonin e Liqenit të Ohrit

The Lake Ohrid Region is of immense natural and cultural value. From the rugged mountains to the clear cool waters of the lake, the entire region offers an enchanting escape, and the potential for unforgettable adventures. This richness and diversity is best explored slowly and deeply.The Lake Ohrid region project is currently working with partners and local stakeholders with the aim of making the gems of the region better known and more easily accessible; they await exploration by many more people. Several hiking and biking trails and interest points have been identified and are currently being marked and signposted in the field.  Staff members of the Regional Agency for Protected Areas have been trained in the identification of potential locations and in the installation and maintenance of soft tourism infrastructure. In order to support sustainable tourism in the area, the project partners are preparing a dedicated website, brochure and information panels (each in three languag

Exploring forgotten Macedonia- The Week Magazine

The US weekly Magazine "The Week" dedicated  an article to Macedonia considering it a dream vacation, inviting its readers to visit this place.  The article was published on 21th of September with the title: Exploring forgotten Macedonia. "No crowds, no pressure to leave — Europe just doesn't get any better than this", writes the Week, describing Ohrid city and the quiet restaurant and bars around Lake Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage.  Read the full article:  Macedonia is one of Europe's best-kept secrets, said Margo Pfeiff at the Los Angeles Times . Twenty-five years after it gained independence from Yugoslavia, the landlocked Balkan state remains a developing nation, its roads still plied by Soviet-era cars. But it's a safe, inexpensive place to visit, and "best of all," with tourism in its infancy, the country is still "charmingly unpretentious and warmly welcoming." Earlier this year, I spent a week in this Vermont-s

#OurLakeOhrid- hundreds submissions in the 2nd Social Media Photo Contest

Lakes inspire photographers, and this includes our Lake Ohrid, one of the deepest lakes and the oldest lake in Europe, surrounded by majestic mountains and wonderful nature. To capture the beauty of this region, a second photography competition with hashtag #OurLakeOhrid ran for two months, from 25 July–25 September in the framework of the project Towards strengthened governance of the shared trans-boundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region, financed by the European Union and the government of Albania, and implemented by UNESCO. Followers of the project pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were invited to post their photos from the region to spread the word, inviting also their friends to share in order to help promote this extraordinary heritage. Hundreds of photographs were submitted before the deadline, and the top 50 will be published in an album of Lake Ohrid by the EU–UNESCO project. The album will be available in print and electronic version, giving th

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