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Lake Ohrid Day was celebrated in Struga

Lake Ohrid Day is celebrated every year on 12th of June. This year the activities were held in the city of Struga. It become now a tradition that every year the Ohrid Lake Day is celebrated by rotation in each of the cities around lake Ohrid: Ohrid, Struga and Pogradec. The Mayor of Struga Ramiz Merko welcomed the Mayor of Pogradec and representatives of Ohrid Municipality. Many activities held in Struga organized on this day from the Municipality. Music, sports, events for children, culinary fair, artisan shows, and painting exhibition were part of this festive day. Lake Ohrid day is celebrated every year since 2002. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between the cities sharing the Lake Ohrid, in order to better protect this cultural and natural heritage and to bring closer the people from both sides of the lake. On this day Struga opened even its Summer Season for tourists. The mayor of Struga said that everything was ready to welcome more tourists to the city. The Mayor o

Pogradec opens tourist season 2018

Pogradec has opened last Saturday in a festive atmosphere the tourist season for 2018. This is the official opening, but tourists are visiting Pogradec all the year. Many activities were organized on 16th of June, by the Municipality of Pogradec. Music, sports, food fairs, and artisan fairs were part of the events held all the day. Hundreds of people participated in these events. Part of activities was also the exhibition of well known painter Anastas Kostandini (Taso) The mayor of Struga was also present and other local personalities. The mayor of Pogradec, Eduart Kapri opened the ceremony inviting tourists from all the world to come and visit this wonderful city on the shore of Lake Ohrid, and to enjoy the unique cuisine of the local people. The Mayor of Struga also said that both cities must cooperate with each other to boost tourism i both cities. Local people who participated in food and artisan fair are optimistic that this season will be more profitable for their s

An ancient cave with stalactites is discovered in Pogradec area

A very ancient cave was discovered lately in Velcan Village of the administrative unit of Mokër of Pogradec. In fact it existed and the locals named it as the Bear Cave, but no one dared to enter inside.  Some months ago, three young men decided to break into an unknown territory, in the depths of the Bear Cave. The boys are part of the agency Visit Pogradec, who is a group of young explorers traveling around all the area in Pogradec and promoting them. What they have seen are stalactites hanged from the ceiling belonging probably to thousands years ago. They took some photos from the depth of the Cave and formations inside it are really amazing.  One of them, Bledi Lufo, talking to Top Channel confirmed that until now no one ever entered inside this cave. The photos are fired at a depth of 60 meters. They informed the Ministry of Culture about this situation, in order to protect this cave and to declare it a natural monument. "The cave is located in a natural parad

Visit the Golik Bridge, part of Via Egnatia

One of the most spectacular cultural monuments so close Lake Ohrid Region is Golik Bridge, or Ura e Golikut. It is amazing how this bridge belonging to one of the famous route in antiquity 'Via Egnatia' resisted until nowadays. It is repaired several times, and is very functional for the locals. Golik Bridge is an archaeological site, situated 40 km far from the city of Pogradec, on the Shkumbin River, in Golik village. It is 17 m long, 3 m wide, 10 m high. It is the art work of the old street "Via Egnatia". It was built in the second century and is classified as a first-class culture monument. It is a bridge with two semicircular wings. The bridge is built with carved stones, where the lower part of the crevice has big stones and worked well, not just for aesthetics, but to make the structure more solid and stronger. The Albanian Christian community is confident that the Apostle Paul followed this road and crossed this bridge when he came into ancient Illyr

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